The core of David M. Banet & Associates’ business is benefits and brokerage consulting, supported and enhanced by innovative, comprehensive benefits administration, human capital management and benefits insurance services.

Professionals Supporting Professionals

At David M. Banet & Associates, “Professionals Supporting Professionals” is much more than just a motto or tagline. It is how we do business, and it is how we help you achieve greater success. We apply the collective expertise and experience of our team of professionals to deliver the most effective, highest-value advice, guidance and solutions.


On staff at David M. Banet & Associates is our team of brokerage and benefits insurance professionals, who are ready to assist you with making the right plan choices. Each is well-established as a brokerage expert and has a proven track record of successfully helping clients achieve their goals. We offer a full range of consulting that addresses:

  • Needs Assessment
  • Quoting
  • Plan Financing
  • Plan Design
  • Implementation
Benefits Administration Consulting

We will help assess your current situation and needs, develop the optimal set of services and technology for your company, assist you with implementation, provide outsourced services for an array of HR tasks, and work with you to evaluate progress and achieve continuous improvement.

Among the areas that we address are:

Human Capital Management

Our expert team and partners will assist in identifying ways to improve organizational effectiveness, enhancing employee performance and satisfaction, and delivering better financial results. We will recommend, help implement, and provide ongoing support in a wide variety of areas, from talent acquisition through workforce management and optimization.

We will assist you in these and other areas: