The most successful organizations hire excellent people. We provide a full range of services, technology and support to drive and manage the entire process, from application through onboarding.

  • Automated System – the advanced technology and user-based functionality make it easier and faster to manage every step of the process, from hiring through onboarding. A full-featured applicant tracking system enables your HR team to recruit, qualify and track applicants so they can select and hire the best employees. Standardized forms, paperwork and other material streamline the process through completion of onboarding.
  • Detailed Documentation – complete data on every applicant and hire is automatically maintained for process management and compliance with EEO/OFCCP. Real-time reports are available.
  • Powerful Tools – a full complement of management tools are available to automate the process, integrate career portals, leverage social media, perform advanced analysis and more. Save time and money, while elevating the entire recruitment and onboarding process.