Accurately tracking employee time and attendance is both critically important and highly challenging. Failure to ensure correct reporting of each employee’s work records can seriously damage employee relations and subject your organization to the risk of litigation and other consequences. The Time & Attendance services of our HCM program effectively address this need.

  • Advanced Technology – we provide state-of-the-art time and attendance technology, including web-based portals and full integration with our payroll and other systems.
  • Error & Risk Reduction – utilizing our system can significantly reduce the potential of timekeeping error and the risk of litigation, penalties and other issues.
  • High-Value Features – our system offers functionality designed for HR users and powerful features like an easy-access dashboard for HR management, a comprehensive report generator that integrates with multiple output formats, batch processing capabilities and much more.
  • Diverse Devices – our system can interface with a wide variety of devices, from biometric (hand and finger) and badge (barcode, mag stripe, proximity), to mobile apps, web portals, scanner and phone-in systems.